Why Choose St. Margaret Mary School?



St. Margaret Mary School is fully certified by the Office of Catholic Schools and the State of Illinois. All of our teachers are state certified.

Academics / High School Acceptance

St. Margaret Mary students consistently score above the national average in every subject area. Most are accepted by their first-choice high school and many gain access to selective enrollment high schools. From preschool to eighth grade, students are provided a broad and engaging curriculum designed to teach children to think critically and creatively. Our staff strives to create an atmosphere of love and respect where students can grow spiritually, academically, and socially.

Citizen and Moral Leadership
Truly great leaders have a strong moral base and actively participate in improving the world around them. St. Margaret Mary students are taught the importance of compassion and community service. As a result, students not only gain access to competitive high schools, but are also prepared to be good citizens and leaders who earn the respect and trust of those they serve.

Strong Sense of Community
Parents/guardians often tell us one reason they choose St. Margaret Mary School is the sense of community they feel when they walk through our doors. Their children feel welcome, cared for and safe. Many students and families build friendships that last a lifetime. From basketball games to family events, school activities and mass, we learn, play, pray, and grow together.

Diverse Student Body
Centered in one of Chicago’s most diverse neighborhoods, St. Margaret Mary School’s student body reflects the rich cultural makeup of our world – more than 40% of our students are non-Catholic. The school’s inclusive approach to faith-based education teaches the core Christian values of honesty, compassion, and respect in addition to academics.