Student Article of the Week


In their Language Arts class, St. Margaret Mary’s middle school students wrote articles for Chicago Parent magazine describing their experiences at our school. Some of the topics the students discuss are the academic program, athletics, service projects, and the Faith Partner program.  Each week we will feature a few of the students’ articles. Learn, directly from the students, what life is like at St. Margaret Mary School.

6th Grade

Faith Partner Program and What Good It Does
By Samantha

I think the faith partner program at Saint Margaret Mary is a wonderful thing. It teaches young children to be leaders, to be responsible, and to take care of themselves as well as others. When I was little, I loved being with my faith partner. I loved talking with them, and feeling safe around them, and having fun during class activities. When I changed to being the older faith partner, I didn’t think much of it; I was prepared. I was really excited, and I loved taking care and being in charge of someone. I’m used to it, but once in a while, even the older faith partner needs some guidance. I really do like the faith partner program, and I think that it should be continued for many generations to come.

Activities and Fundraisers at SMM
By Theodore 

St. Margaret Mary School is a Catholic school and a really great place to be educated. Some of the things that make us special are our fundraisers and school activities. One activity our school does is the Canned Food Drive. We bring in canned food goods, which are then given to The Little Sisters of the Poor. Our school also does an Olympic day and Walk-a-Thon. They are on the same day, so during that day, we get lots of exercise. A couple of the activities are the softball throw, standing long jump, and the hula hoop roll.  If you come in 3rd, 2nd, or 1st place, you get some award ribbons. They have a lot of sentimental value, and I was so proud of the two 3rd place ribbons I got last year. They were for the softball throw and the 5-meter dash.

Another one of our fun activities is Play Day. Basically, Play Day is an all-day recess, in which we do lots of fun games and activities.  We spend some of the day outside, either out at the blacktop, which is this giant parking lot near the gym, or at St. Scholastica field, which belongs to a school a couple of blocks away. During the rest of the day, we play inside, or sometimes we go back outside. Either way, it’s probably one of the best days of the school year. In conclusion, I think St. Margaret Mary School is a great place to go to. They combine learning and fun to create a welcoming environment.

8th Grade

by Julian 

While I have been at SMM I have learned how to be a responsible person by taking care of my faith partners who are in Jr. Kindergarten. I have found how to make friends that take care of each other if they’re hurt or crying. We all have found a close friendship that seems like a family. I also like all the field trips that SMM takes us on. They are fun and also allow us to learn about space and the other planets in our solar system and in the universe. We also go on just fun field trips that allow us to have a lot of fun too, like Navy Pier. The thing I will tell my kids is that they should send their child to Saint Margaret Mary because it is a great place to bring your child to learn and also have fun.

The teachers at Saint Margaret Mary are all nice but still set rules. This is a goal of all the teachers, and they have all succeeded in that goal. Also the teachers care about the kids here; it’s like they are also apart of my family. I like that because it is good to have a teacher to talk to just in case something is happening in your life you only want a teacher to hear. I also like the middle school teachers the most because they help out the most for the students in the middle school. Ms. Geyer, Ms. Radziewicz, Mr. Miller, and Ms. Manos are the best teachers I could possibly know. The elementary grade teachers are also just as wonderful as the middle school teachers.

One other thing that makes SMM a great school are all the activities here. For example the Chuck Wagon, March Madness, and all the dances really make the school fun and exciting. March Madness is a basketball tournament in March and is wonderful for the different grades to work together and play on other teams. These are all the great things Saint Margaret Mary has to offer for anyone who attends the great school.