Grades 1 - 3

Students in grades one through three are immersed in the St. Margaret Mary philosophy of the spiritual, academic, and social development of the child. As different learning styles are addressed, children are encouraged to develop their strengths. Instruction is given in whole groups, small groups, and individually. A foundation of educational skills is laid in grades one through three that will support later learning.

The core academic program includes instruction in language arts, math, science, social studies, and religion. These subjects are enriched with further instruction in music, Spanish, art, gym, and computers. Opportunity is provided to combine subject areas to accomplish and enrich various projects and achieve goals. The children are engaged in an environment that implements differentiated instruction. Their overall educational needs are met through various teaching strategies, including hands-on experience.

Children are welcome to share their faith, Catholic or non-Catholic, through spiritual events and activities. They participate in liturgical celebrations and community service projects. Their sense of membership in the St. Margaret Mary family is nurtured through the faith partner program. Each child in grades one through three is partnered with an upperclass student. The faith partner program crosses ages, giving older children the opportunity to role-model behavior and younger students the opportunity to develop positive social skills. They participate in liturgies together as well as social activities. The friendship is nourished through mutual support.