Grades 6 - 8

St. Margaret Mary’s middle school curriculum focuses on an interdisciplinary, holistic curriculum that holds students to high academic standards. Students are challenged to think beyond the concrete and into the abstract, develop critical analysis, and focus on inquiry.


In math, students begin sixth grade with instruction in fundamental mathematical concepts. As they move to seventh grade, students study pre-algebra in preparation for the rigors of 8th grade algebra. Emphasis is on solving, graphing, and analyzing linear equations and inequalities. Additionally, eighth grade students participate in an enrichment activity once a week that allows students to progress at their own rate. There is an underlying emphasis on interdisciplinary connections

Language Arts

The middle school language arts program is a novel-based, inquiry curriculum. With an emphasis on the improvement of writing skills, students participate in meaningful discussion focused on issues that arise in the differentiated, level appropriate novels. In eighth grade, students complete their middle school language arts career with Harper Lee’s To Kill A Mockingbird – a unit combining comprehensive discussions of justice, the role and influence of literature, and the human condition. In all three classes, students develop critical thinking and analysis skills as they are asked to put their discussions in writing and stretch their thinking.


The middle school science curriculum is inquiry based. With increased independence and responsibility, students utilize materials for activities. For laboratory investigations, student groups engage in collaborative data analysis. They investigate topics using accepted scientific practice and techniques.

Social Studies

In social studies, middle school students develop historical analysis skills by focusing on United States history and geography. Students learn about the political, economic, and social aspects of each time period while drawing connections to current events and other disciplines.