Students in Pre-kindergarten through 5th grade will have a computer class once per week. During this time they will learn basic functions of the computer and how to use the internet safely and wisely. Skills will be developed at an age appropriate level.

PreK РKindergarten 

Students will be introduced to basic computer skills that will form a foundation for future learning. Students will practice using the mouse, learn basic keyboarding skills, and use academic games as a learning tool. They will learn to identify the different parts of a computer. Familiarity with the mouse and keyboard will be stressed over speed and proper finger positioning.

First / Second Grades

Students will build on the skills they learned in Kindergarten. Students will continue to learn and develop mouse and keyboarding skills. Students will learn the use of the delete, shift, and tab keys. Students will begin saving, printing, and inserting graphics into simple word processing documents. They will practice proper computer etiquette and start learning about safe and ethical computer use.

Third / Fourth Grades

Students will start to use proper keyboarding skills. They will practice proper finger position and keystrokes. They will develop speed and accuracy. Students will start to create, edit, and do more advanced word processing documents. Students will also learn to use simple spreadsheets to create different types of graphs. They will learn more about ethical/safe computer use. Internet safety will be discussed as well as plagiarism and copyrights.

Fifth Grade

Students will continue to develop keyboarding skills. Speed and accuracy will be developed. Students will develop more complicated spreadsheets and word processing documents. Students will also learn search strategies. They will learn the basics of power point presentations.  Internet safety and responsible computer usage will continue to be developed.


Students in all grade levels will use academic games and videos to extend their classroom learning experience.