Alumni in the Classroom

St. Margaret Mary alumni, whether you are in the neighborhood, in the state, in the country or in Tibet, you are invited to come share your life experiences with the children who will be St. Margaret Mary in the next decade. Our “Alumni in the Classroom” program is a loosely formed opportunity for you to help us expand the boundaries of the lives of our current students.

If you are just starting college, come home and tell our 8th graders what high school was like for you. Would you do anything differently now that the decisions you made in high school are all behind you? If you are out of college, starting a career, come home to tell our older students about the pivotal moments in your college experience: What made you decide on your major? What was the job search like for you?

And for all of you: Just come home to tell us about what you have been doing out there is the world. The Peace Corps, the Navy, a year abroad? Do you hold political office? Run your own business? Please contact Mrs. Konicek if you’d like to visit your alma mater and give our students something to think about!

You should know that we do whatever we can to protect our children and keep them safe in our building so if your involvement is going to include time with our students we will ask you to go through a program call Virtus Training. This training is about two hours long, is free, and is usually presented in the evening at locations throughout the diocese. We can give you all the details and help you with the class registration. Coaches, for instance, and room parents should go through the Virtus program. Click here to view a list of dates and locations offering Virtus Training.