Faculty and Staff Directory

Name Position Email address
Laurie Konicek Principal laurie.konicek@smmchicago.org
Diane Herold Administrative Assistant diane.herold@smmchicago.org
Abby Murokh Preschool – 3 year old abby.murokh@smmchicago.org
Katie Cleaveland Preschool – 4 year old katie.cleaveland@smmchicago.org
Angela Gorski Kindergarten angela.gorski@smmchicago.org
Kay Horst 1st kay.horst@smmchicago.org
Michelle Signa 2nd michelle.signa@smmchicago.org
Sheila Infante 3rd sheila.infante@smmchicago.org
Mary Travnik 4th mary.travnik@smmchicago.org
Colleen Moran 5th colleen.moran@smmchicago.org
Ashley Geyer 6th ashley.geyer@smmchicago.org
Katie Manos 7th katie.manos@smmchicago.org
Cari Radziewicz 8th cari.radziewicz@smmchicago.org
Ron Miller P/E and Middle School Math ron.miller@smmchicago.org
Jessica Brock Art jessica.brock@smmchicago.org
Molly Burns Music molly.burns@smmchicago.org
Pat McGlinn Technology Instruction pat.mcglinn@smmchicago.org