Principal's Final Message

Dear St. Margaret Mary Students, Families, and Parishioners,

As this school year draws to a close I would like to express my appreciation to all the teachers and special staff for the privilege of working with you this past year. Through the years it has been a rewarding partnership with such a talented and dedicated group of people.

This indeed has been a memorable year for me. I did not anticipate it would be my last one at SMM nor did anyone else. I pray that I have made it a better school under my 3 years as school principal. I know you all will continue to support the new principal and the quality of education and faith traditions that NCA and SMM are known for. I am thankful our doors will still be open under new supervision.

I leave SMM with a heavy heart, a soul full of memories, and a love for all the wonderful families I’ve had a chance of knowing on my 3 year journey in this school. I ask God to bless all of you with the same peace, hope, and love that you brought into my life. Many thanks for all you have done and continued to do to make life a blessed one at SMM.

My SMM faculty – a “one-in-a-million” group of professionals, it has been my pleasure to work with you and call you my extended family.

My SMM super staff- I could not ask for a more dedicated group of people. They commit themselves every day to the students and all of their needs.

My SMM students- you are my heart! I hope I cared for you all, counseled you when you were troubled, encouraged you when you were doubtful. I will always love my time with all of you.

My SMM parents – I hope I assisted you in your role as educator to your children. I can say that it brought me closer to all of you by listening to your stories of joy and happiness and providing counsel to you when you had concerns.

My SMM parish staff – I always supported everyone on the pastoral staff by fostering our SMM mission, and creating community with the school and parish. I will miss all these wonderful people, who are so committed to our parish I especially thank Fr. Jim Barrett.

The SMM parishioners – thank you for your love and support for the school. You have always helped the school financially and with your prayers.

Again, thanks to my staff for collegial cooperation, to the students for their loving smiles, and to this parish for your complete support.

God Bless All of You, I’ll Miss You!
God bless St. Margaret Mary School Forever!

Laurie Konicek