Family and School Association

Parents/Guardians often ask, “How can I get involved with my child’s school?”  St. Margaret Mary’s Family and School Association (FSA) provides the answer. The FSA is dedicated to collaboration between parents, guardians, and members of the school and parish staff in the pursuit of quality, faith-centered education.

By participating in monthly FSA meetings, parents/guardians have the opportunity to actively collaborate with other parents, guardians, and members of the school and parish staff. The FSA works collectively to…

  • Support the school in its pursuit of quality, faith-centered education
  • Enrich the school community by planning social events
  • Assist the school through the coordination of volunteerism

FSA meetings will be held on 9/16, 11/11, 1/13, 3/9, and 5/11 in Colletti from 6:30-8PM.
Babysitting (in the room) is available.

For more information please contact any of the FSA officers:

Rich Concaildi,

Jenny Johnson,

Bernard Bartilad,

Teresa Serangeli,


Minutes of Current School Year FSA Meetings