Fundraising Obligations

Most parents do not realize tuition does not fully cover the costs of educating students. The school relies on fundraising to help close the gap. As a result, St. Margaret Mary School requires each family to meet its fundraising obligations, which include…

Working 10 volunteer hours (PACE Hours) per year per family OR paying a $300 PACE fee
Selling three cash raffle tickets valued at $100 each
Making an annual donation of $300 which can be met through the sale of 3 cash raffle tickets or other funds raised through volunteer hours
Ticket sales and donations are a vital part of the school’s budget and are used to supplement the tuition, support our athletics, and pay for additional supplies and events to enhance our student experience.

Volunteering – (PACE Hours)
A $300 PACE fee is included in the first tuition payment to the school. Families are encouraged to earn this fee back by donating 10 hours of volunteer time. Families that contribute 10 hours will receive a $300 credit on their last tuition bill.

Volunteer activities that count toward earning PACE hours include assisting with school events or fundraisers, participating in the Kiss-N-Go drop off program, working as a room parent or assisting the school with projects that require the time and talents of family volunteers.

Download PACE Tally Form

For more information, contact the Family and School Association by email:

Cash Raffle / Donation
In addition to volunteering 10 hours the school requires families to make a $300 donation to the school, which can be met through a direct donation or by selling three cash raffle tickets at $100 each.

Held in conjunction with the St. Patrick’s Day dinner and dance, The Annual Cash Raffle offers a chance to win 29 different cash prizes. Tickets can be sold to a single individual or split among a party of people. It’s a great way to meet your obligation to make a $300 donation to the school.

Fundraising Initiatives at SMM
In addition to the Cash Raffle, there are several more, simple, easy, and convenient ways families can help the school raise funds. By saving box tops, using Manna certificates at places you regularly shop and participating in the programs listed here, your family can help the school earn extra dollars for the benefit our students. Please take a moment to learn about each of them.

Manna Program
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Manna is back! Buy gift cards to 100’s of stores, restaurants, gas stations and many other places that you use on a regular basis. Manna buys these cards at a discount and in bulk and offers our school a chance to earn money by passing the savings on to us. Click here for alist of vendors.

Orders can be made with an order form or online through the Manna website. Order forms will be distributed through the school mail.

Please contact Ulick O’Sullivan with any questions. 773-576-6101 or


Box Tops for Education
Cut out box tops and turn them into the school office by October 25. Box tops are worth 10 cents each! We all shop for groceries. Turn those shopping trips into easy cash for your school, and encourage friends to do the same! Just look for the Box Tops logo on hundreds of products in almost every aisle of the store. Just clip your box tops and send them to Ms. Signa. For more info go to