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June 8

Aspire Test Results

Unfortunately, we have not received  the Aspire Test results. Mrs. Herold will mail them to your homes as soon as she receives them later in the summer or early fall.

Final Day Activities

On, Wednesday, June 8, our final day at St. Margaret Mary School, we dedicated a special rock to the memory of our school. We hope that this rock will keep the good memories of this great school alive for years to come. The students celebrated this dedication with a balloon launch.

Rock Dedication and Balloon Launch

June 3, 2016

Gracious God,

Hear the prayers we offer you on behalf of our students who are graduating from St. Margaret Mary School. Protect them on their life journey!

Congratulations St. Margaret Mary School Class of 2016:

Matthew Addy

Alexander Gaspar

Julian Johnson

Nathan Jones

Margaret Kotowski

Jefri Pinacho

Emma Symank

Damola Williams

Xolisa Williams

On Tuesday, May 31, the Middle School students enjoyed a tour of Chicago. The students visited various landmarks around the city including Navy Pier and Cloud Gate (aka the “Bean”) in Millennium Park.

Eighth graders at Millennium Park


Last Mass

On Friday, June 3, the St. Margaret Mary School Community celebrated their last Mass together. All students, from 3 year old pre-kindergarten through 8th grade, attended. We bid farewell to the 8th grade and also to Father Barrett who will be retiring soon.

Also on Friday, the 8th grade students made their final walk down the halls of St. Margaret Mary School. The entire school sent them off with cheers and “high fives”. Click the link below to view our farewell to the Class of 2016.

8th Grade Final Walk

May 27, 2016

A teacher is a person who not only listens with ears but also with heart; who touches the lives of students not only through academic expertise but also through their warmth. Does this sound like the teachers you know at SMM? At the wonderful party on Saturday, May 21st, our excellent teachers and staff were honored by the FSA and by all the families who attended. After raising money from the rummage sale, all faculty and staff were given an extra special monetary gift. It was so very generous and so unexpected! We appreciate all your love, kindness, and sincere wishes!

Goodbye . . .

To Ms. Rachel Daum, our band director, who is moving out of state. On Thursday, the entire school enjoyed a wonderful concert performed by our SMM band. We are so proud of our students. Please click on the link below to hear a sample of their music.

Spring Band Concert

Spring Play

Also on Thursday, our SMM 1st, 2nd, and 3rd grade students put on a performance of “The Cuckoo” in Colletti Hall. The play is a representation of a Mexican Folktale. The students performed beautifully. Thank you Ms. Burns for your dedication and hard work.


May 20, 2016

With the end of the school year quickly approaching, the faculty and students at SMM school have been busy with many end of year activities. I would like to share some of the activities we have experienced in just the past week.

Camp Duncan Update:

Our 3rd, 4th, 5th, 6th, 7th, and 8th grade SMM students went to Camp Duncan for two separate overnights on an outdoor education field trip. However, they shared opportunities to explore, to find new talents, to try new activities, to gain independence, and to make lasting memories. Our thanks to Ms. Moran, Ms. Travnik, Mrs. Infante, Ms. Radziewicz, Ms. Manos, Ms. Geyer, Mr. Ned Dooley, Mr. Dzyacky, Ms. Brock, and Mrs. Konicek for making it all happen! Nothing happens at an effective school without good planning, leadership, and dedication. Thanks everyone!

First and Second Grade Friday Fun Night

A huge thank you goes out to Mrs. Kay Horst and Ms. Michelle Signa for their Friday Night with Friends Party!  From 5:30-9:00PM, the children frosted cookies, created projects, ate pizza, made sundaes, played games, saw a movie, and the highlight of the night a “flashlight scavenger hunt” around the school in the dark! The kids loved it. Thanks to their helpers Mrs. Infante, Ms. Brock, and Ms. Cleaveland.

Ribbon Ceremony

On Thursday, May 19, our eighth grade students received their school ribbons from their Faith Partners in the preschool. It is a heart-warming event at SMM.

Rocket Blast Off at Uno

Our students participated in an educational program on rocketry at school and also went to Sheboygan for the 19th Rockets for School launch. On Friday, May 20, the entire student body gathered at the Uno play field to watch our young scientists launch their rockets. Enjoy the video below.

Rocket Launch


Olympic Day at SMM

Also on Friday, our students participated in Olympic Day. The potential to be a winner lives within every students on Olympic Day.


What a Great Night!

The Graduation Dinner was hosted on Thursday, May 19, by the seventh grade students and their families. Our students did a super job setting up, serving, and cleaning up for all the eighth grade families. The Class of 2016 appreciates the new Class of 2017 for their hospitality and friendship that evening.

Thank You

"Parents' Night out"

“Parents’ Night out”

A big thank you to Ms. Radziewicz, Ms. Manos, Ms. Geyer, Ms. Brock, Ms. Moran, and Ms. Cleaveland who gave their time to raise money for the Junior High Class Trip. On the evening of Friday, May 6, SMM students enjoyed a movie and pizza while their parents enjoyed a “Night Out”. The money raised from this event will help cover the cost of the Junior High Class Trip. A good time was had by all who attended!

May Crowning

On the evening of Monday, May 9, SMM students honored Mother Mary with their annual May Crowning. The eighth grades students, wearing their graduation gowns, performed a lovely ceremony honoring Mary. Please enjoy the slideshow from this moving event.

Save the Date

The SMM  end of school year party is fast approaching. The party will take place on Saturday, May 21. Click the link below for more details.

SMM Party Flyer

Thanks to Ms. Burns

IMG_7936                         IMG_7939

On Wednesday, May 4, SMM students in grades 4 – 8 attended a performance of   “The King and I”. Thank you Ms. Burns for planning this field trip to the Lyric Opera House. The play was simply divine and stunningly beautiful! This was a wonderful experience for our students. They all enjoyed their “theater experience”.

Eighth Grade Field Trip to Holocaust Museum

image2  image1

On Tuesday, April 26, the 8th grade students went to the Holocaust Museum in Skokie, Illinois. For the past few months the class has been reading the novel Night, by Elie Wiesel. It is his experiences at multiple concentration camps during the Holocaust.

The students studied and analyzed paintings done by artists affected by the war and the Holocaust. They stepped inside a real cattle car to get a sense of how the Jews felt as they were transported to different camps. They heard an amazing story from an actual Holocaust survivor. She told an incredible story of how she was separated from her family at 3 years old and saved by a Christian family. Only many years after the war did she happen to find her long lost twin brother from a picture in the newspaper. The Holocaust was such an important part of history, and this trip to see a more authentic side was unforgettable. Our students truly understand the phrase “Never again.”

Read to the Principal Day

Thursday, April 28, 2016, was “Read to the Principal Day” for our SMM Kindergarten students. On this day, students go up to Mrs. Konicek’s office with their favorite book that they have practiced reading. They sit in comfy chairs and read their chosen book to Mrs. Konicek and another classmate. Mrs. Konicek said they were “FANTASTIC READERS“! They got an ice cream treat and a certificate to celebrate the day.

More on the Trout Release

On Friday, April 22, Mr. Miller received this update from Alderman Debra Silverstein of the 50th Ward:


News From the 50th Ward

Dear Neighbor,

Today is Earth Day, a yearly commemoration of environmental awareness. Earth Day has been celebrated annually around the world since 1970. To learn more about this important commemoration and what you can do to participate, please visit

On Monday, I attended a special Earth Day celebration hosted by St. Margaret Mary School. The students of St. Margaret Mary released close to 100 trout, which they had raised, into Lake Michigan. It was wonderful to see our children so excited to learn about conservation and biology!

Alderman Silverstein with SMM Students

Alderman Silverstein with SMM Students

Alderman Silverstein with Mr. Ron Miller

Alderman Silverstein with Mr. Ron Miller

A Few More “Trout Release” Videos:

Trout Release Video 1

Trout Release Video 2

Bye Bye Trout


The tank in the Science Lab is now empty. However, Lake Michigan has 200 new inhabitants living in its friendly confines! It was perfect weather to set our trout free. We were sad to let them go but know they are in a better place with Mother Nature. May the heavens shine down on them as they navigate their new surroundings!

Please click on the links below to enjoy videos from our Trout Release:

Last trout released

Peter reads a tribute to our fish.

Special Note: Regarding student records!!

All students who have their tuition paid in full will have their records go to their new school. All other files will go downtown to the Archdiocese of Chicago. SMM school will no longer have them on the premises. Families will have to get their child’s file and medical records from a representative at the Archdiocese of Chicago.


Preschool Chick Project


Not only do we like trout, we like chicks as well. Last week our 3 year old preschool and 4 year old Jr. Kindergarten classes received a special surprise — chick eggs. The students will learn about life cycles by doing a hands-on project with real chick eggs. They have already learned that it takes 21 days for the eggs to hatch. The eggs are placed in a special incubator to keep them warm, and in a few weeks, the students will watch as the chicks peck their way out of the shell.


 Aspire Testing

As previously stated on our school calendar, our standardized test – ACT – Aspire- will be given to the students in grades 3-8 beginning April 11 – 15, 2016. This is a different test than was given before; the Archdiocese in the past used Terra Nova. This is the first year we are using ACT-Aspire, a standards based system of assessments to monitor progress toward college and career readiness from third grade through early high school.

Subject Areas tested:

Students’ score reports:

  • Will include how they compare with others in their grade
  • Their strengths
  • Where they can improve

At this time our teachers are using “Quizlets” to help our students develop test preparation skills. The Quizlets are great tools to help our students perform at their best on test day..

Click here to view the Open House Mass

At the heart of our existence is the fact that St. Margaret Mary’s is a Catholic elementary school. Children of all ages take leadership roles as commentators, lectors, and song leaders. Our teachers involve the students at all levels of participation.

Click here to view the 2016 Open House.

At St. Margaret Mary’s we know nothing happens in a profound way for students until their teachers are able to form relationships with them.

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