Oct 23, 2020

Take Stock of Your Life

The following article is a part of a continuing series of parishioner reflections by members of the Holy Child Jesus Parish We welcome your comments and feedback.

Take Stock of Your Life

In these uncertain times, are you taking the opportunity to take stock of your life and where you stand with Jesus? We may be preparing ourselves for an uncertain future by staying indoors, getting a flu shot, or stocking our pantries. However, have you adopted the mindset to always be prepared for the Lord?

It’s clear that the Lord is acting at this time to accomplish purposes only known to Him. As we respect His hand at work and move interiorly into our homes, why not move interiorly into ourselves and deepen our relationship with Jesus Christ?

If you were to see Jesus today, what would He say to you? Would you be concerned about how you were living any aspect of your life? How you treat others? What you value? Do you believe that you have a clear picture of where you stand with the Lord? Ask Him to show you areas for improvement now.

Try taking this time to evaluate your relationship with Jesus. Do you think of and speak to Him often? Do you trust your affairs to Him and give Him thanks and praise? Do you treat him as a friend?

You do not go through this life alone because He is always there, even if you never see Him. Trust in His mercy. Take this time to make changes that bear the fruits of the Holy Spirit, such as patience, kindness, goodness, trustfulness, gentleness, self control, and modesty. (Galations 5:22-23). Try setting aside time to read the Bible, the living word of God. Mend relationships or pray for those that need special healing.

Draw closer to Our Blessed Mother by reciting the rosary. Stay focused on the Lord, Our Blessed Mother, and the saints during this time. Don’t forget those who are suffering, even if just to include them in your prayers. May the peace of the Lord be with us during this difficult time and remain with us in a new way once this time passes.


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